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Without A Bang

I felt strange one day-
Like, sad, or something...
Whatever it was I didn't like it,
And it didn't like me...
I suppose it didn't have to...
But it seriously hated me,
And I seriously didn't care enough to hate it back-
Year after year with each return the feeling grew stronger
So I figured I should solve it
Year after year I toyed with new ideas-
I thought, something fast and exciting would be cool
Maybe, like, a really strong drug should do...
But I'm lazy, I settled - why not?
Hell, the easier the better
It's that easy...
And just like that, there I was... Dead...
Not with a bang, but with a flop... 

By: Adrien Genesis

(Side note: Depression and suicide are serious real life issues, if you are struggling with either one of these be sure to speak out, let a friend know or contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1.800.273.8255 Life is important)

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Apocalypse: Monster

I am an enemy of the people
They call me Monster 4921496
That's the number they gave me when they were able to keep track-
But now there are too many of us-
They can't control us... 
So they kill us... And we kill them... 
It's an endless cycle of death
Revenge constantly in their eye... 
As they slaughter us in mass... 
They tried for a moment - One brief moment
So now I fight for survival
I take what I must, kill what I must-
This is survival-
To me, they are Monsters


By: Adrien Genesis

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