The Silver Cross

There is a reason you know...

The cross is about passage and the silver weights the soul down so it doesn't leave the body

A lot of people don't get it, but it's important... To respect the dead... I set them on the right path for the next life

When I'm done... I place a silver cross on their chest... And when I'm gone, I'll carve their number into my chest...

By: Adrien Genesis


Ambitious Strokes

I painted your picture with my brush of life

My vision was your canvas

My fortitude was your paint

Each color, a new invention

I started off scribbling

Dabbling here & there

I didn’t know the direction of the brush

I continued to paint, until new ideas began to form

You had some “peepers” here & there

Intrigue must have led them

And of course, some tried to emulate you

Erase you from existence; I’m ashamed to say I was one

I ran out of paint & my colors were low

I panicked, my art was incomplete

As an artist I felt, incompetent,

Baffled at my inconsistency

I created something so beautiful, majestic,

A picture from my own dream

Realizing your worth, my paint became renewed

New colors I began to form

Needing not the approval of the “peepers”

But of myself, your artist

I kiss the day I created you

I rejoice in its significance

My beautiful painting, you complete me.

By: Elly J.


Jubilee! Finally, my time has come

It’s been a long year since we first began

You were created from my ambition

A mixture of passion & aggression

Jubilee! I celebrate you for different reasons

The love, the support, but mainly my own strength

I didn’t think I’d make it this far

I’ve had many rough patches

 & at times, you were too much to take

 I let life’s little tiff’s consume me

I let the negative thoughts overtake my mind

I tossed you aside, I forgot about you

And for a moment, I was lost

Jubilee, was it my low confidence?

Or was I so blind by the adversity?

You are my unmistakable perfection

I can never leave you

The fire that burns inside of me, was ignited by you

Jubilee, you are me & I am you

So here is to you, my creation

My origination, my achievement, & my greatest invention

You will birth a new generation, that will set the foundation

For others to pro-create something similar to you

Jubilee, I love you & I thank you!

By: Elly J.

Time To Ponder -

Time to meet Nirvana

Time to resurrect

Time to be born

Time to grow up

Time for childhood

Time for youth

Time for your first

Time to live

Time for lust

Time to give birth

Time to grow

Time to learn

Time for grandchild

Point of your apex

Time for realization

Time for joy

Time for wrinkles

Time for mourning

Time alone

Time for falling

More time alone

Time for sadness

Time alone

Time to remember

More time alone

Time for prayer

Time alone

Time for illness

Time alone

Time to Ponder

Time to Die

By: Adrien Genesis

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Without A Bang

I felt strange one day-
Like, sad, or something...
Whatever it was I didn't like it,
And it didn't like me...
I suppose it didn't have to...
But it seriously hated me,
And I seriously didn't care enough to hate it back-
Year after year with each return the feeling grew stronger
So I figured I should solve it
Year after year I toyed with new ideas-
I thought, something fast and exciting would be cool
Maybe, like, a really strong drug should do...
But I'm lazy, I settled - why not?
Hell, the easier the better
It's that easy...
And just like that, there I was... Dead...
Not with a bang, but with a flop... 

By: Adrien Genesis

(Side note: Depression and suicide are serious real life issues, if you are struggling with either one of these be sure to speak out, let a friend know or contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1.800.273.8255 Life is important)

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Apocalypse: Monster

I am an enemy of the people
They call me Monster 4921496
That's the number they gave me when they were able to keep track-
But now there are too many of us-
They can't control us... 
So they kill us... And we kill them... 
It's an endless cycle of death
Revenge constantly in their eye... 
As they slaughter us in mass... 
They tried for a moment - One brief moment
So now I fight for survival
I take what I must, kill what I must-
This is survival-
To me, they are Monsters


By: Adrien Genesis

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