Ambitious Strokes

I painted your picture with my brush of life

My vision was your canvas

My fortitude was your paint

Each color, a new invention

I started off scribbling

Dabbling here & there

I didn’t know the direction of the brush

I continued to paint, until new ideas began to form

You had some “peepers” here & there

Intrigue must have led them

And of course, some tried to emulate you

Erase you from existence; I’m ashamed to say I was one

I ran out of paint & my colors were low

I panicked, my art was incomplete

As an artist I felt, incompetent,

Baffled at my inconsistency

I created something so beautiful, majestic,

A picture from my own dream

Realizing your worth, my paint became renewed

New colors I began to form

Needing not the approval of the “peepers”

But of myself, your artist

I kiss the day I created you

I rejoice in its significance

My beautiful painting, you complete me.

By: Elly J.